Volleyball Matches

Just like any other community, having group sports activities helps to form a stronger sense of friendship and belonging. Whilst helping people to keep fit, it also brings Karen refugees together on a regular basis to foster group connections.

Celebrating Karen significance

EKCAV organises a number of events to celebrate the significance of our culture. One of them being Wrist Tying Festival, which is celebrated on the Karen New Year, to commemorate this day as part of our great Karen history, and to connect and maintain our cultural activities.

Traditional Dance Class

Our aim is to promote Karen culture, traditions among children and youth and the wider Australia community. The Don dance and Bamboo Dance are known as musical for national pride and are is performed at many celebrations. We provide classes for all the members of our community.

Karen language school

Languages are very much ingrained and are an inseparable part of our cultures. We strive to help the members of our community read and write Karen language. This program is run by Victorian School of Languages. Please visit their website for more information and to request enrolment.

Assisting new refugees

Meeting new refugees and introducing them to the community. EKCAV prepares welcome packs which includes food, basic equipments and information for them to get up and running. Our kind volunteers support them by showing them around and assisting them with their public transport and settlement needs.