We are Karen.

Assisting Karen refugees re-settle, providing community engagement and spreading cultural awareness of plight of the Karen people.

A Karen Community in Victoria 

EKCAV (Eastern Karen Community Association of Victoria) works to connect Karen refugees in Eastern Melbourne through sports, cultural and faith-based activities to provide a safe space to support new friendships. EKCAV has created a network of support for refugees trying to navigate the difficult resettlement process. Fostering cultural and language learning through classes run by volunteers aims to help with the challenge of raising children and youth in newly-settled families.

EKCAV is a Non Profit Organisation

All the money raised goes towards funding the associations activities, events, and re-settlement of Karen refugees.

Featured Community Events

We hold activities such as a women’s weaving and craft group, organising soccer and volleyball teams, and a Karen language school. Follow our blog for information on past and upcoming events!

See here for more information on EKCAV services.





In the face of war and massive human rights abuses it is easy to be filled with despair or hopelessness. EKCAV is a community based organization working to bring refugees to Australia and offer support once they arrive. We know from experience that it is possible to make a real difference to people’s lives.